Cabo San Lucas in Mexico offers some of the best scuba diving experiences in the world. The rich waters attract a myriad of marine creatures including marlins, whale sharks, orcas, Mobula Rays, whales, and different shark species. 

Sharks are considered one of the most powerful predators that roam the ocean. These apex predators are not only strong and powerful but they are also intelligent creatures. Join our Cabo Shark Dive for a chance to encounter shark species such as Mako Sharks, Silky Sharks, Blue Sharks, and Hammerhead Sharks. 

Baja Shark Experience offers authentic shark encounters. While others feature cage-shark diving, we believe there’s nothing better than swimming with sharks without barriers. Here are some reasons why you should ditch the cage and go for the real thing.

cageless shark diving in Cabo

It’s as authentic as it can be

What can be more authentic than swimming alongside apex predators without the hindrance of metal bars? Reading about sharks, watching documentaries, or observing them in water parks pale in comparison to swimming with them in the same waters. Interacting with these predators in their natural habitat is an incredible experience that you’ll never forget.

It’s a safe experience

Sharks are fascinating animals but the media portrayal of sharks has made them fearsome in the eyes of the public. These apex predators are among the most feared animals but our knowledge and firsthand experience of sharks defy these fears and apprehension. 

We are a professional shark diving company with 10 years of experience. Your safety is our top priority, as well as the welfare of the animals that we interact with. Our diving company implements rigorous safety and health protocols on all our trips. In our extensive experience in the shark diving industry, we never had any shark biting incidents. 

It’s a sustainable activity 

The declining shark population is a huge concern among environmentalists. These predators play an important role in the ecosystem. Sharks keep the population of many marine animals in the food web in check. When their number declines, it means that there are fewer natural predators that feed on animals below the food chain. This can trigger a chain reaction in the overall diversity of marine species and the composition of the entire reef system.

Baja Shark Experience’s expeditions serve as a shark-friendly alternative to shark fishing. Our encounters help ensure the ecological sustainability of shark populations. We also have Custom Expeditions for special projects involving sharks, whales, marlins, Mobula rays, and other marine creatures. 

Appreciate the natural beauty of sharks

Being inside a cage puts limitations on your encounter. Snorkeling or freediving with sharks enables you to appreciate their beauty and effortless grace. It’s a real pleasure to observe these intelligent animals up close and personal. 

Go cageless shark diving

Experience the excitement and thrill of swimming with sharks in Cabo San Lucas without metal bars. When you join our expedition, you’ll understand why these apex predators are amazing creatures worthy of our respect. You will also learn why they are unworthy of the reputation imposed on them by the media. 

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