Swimming with Sharks

swimming with silky sharks

Co-existing with sharks through sustainable encounters

Sharks are beautiful and fascinating creatures that rule the underwater world. Did you know that sharks have roamed our oceans for more than 450 million years? They are resilient creatures and one of the few animals that have survived multiple mass extinctions. Sadly, these apex predators are at the extreme point of their resilience. Misunderstood …

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silky shark in Baja

Awesome shark congregation

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to immerse yourself in the water surrounded by a massive school of sharks? We have and it’s an incredible experience! Contrary to the media’s harsh portrayal of sharks, our extensive experience with these apex predators concludes that sharks are curious and intelligent creatures. They can be incredibly …

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Giant Pacific Manta Ray

Explore the beautiful Revillagigedo Islands

Mind-blowing is probably the best word to describe our recent trip to Revillagigedo Islands. The four remarkable Revillagigedo Islands namely Socorro, Clarion, San Benedicto, and Roca Partida are located 390 kilometers off the southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula. Tagged as the “Galápagos of Mexico,” these four islands of volcanic origin offer some of …

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