Terms and Conditions


All our tours are subject to cancellation in the following cases:
- If we do not meet the minimum number of participants for the activity (we refund the entire deposit or reschedule  ).
- Bad weather or port closed, all our tours depend on the sea conditions and the weather forecast. In case of bad weather conditions, the marina of Cabo San Lucas can decide for safety reasons, to close the access of the port. Your safety will always be our main priority, if we have to cancel the trip for bad weather conditions before departure, we refund the entire deposit or reschedule.


- Any cancellation within 48 hours notification before the scheduled trip will be charged the full price of the activity. You can contact us before the date of your tour by phone, email, WhatsApp or on our facebook page.
- In case you don't show up on time the day of the tour, the full price of the activity will be charged. The meeting time is always 30min before the departure (ex: tour starts at 8 AM, meeting at 7:30 AM, we will wait until 8:15 AM max). Please try to contact us in case you are late for the tour and we will do our best to wait for you and keep all the clients happy.  
- Don't show up without notification, the full price of the tour will be charged.


- A waiver of liability release needs to be signed before all our tours
- The participant needs to know how to swim and a previous snorkeling experience is recommended
- Good physical condition
- Minimum age +12 years old under an adult supervision
- The full price of the activity needs to be paid before the departure


- All our packages are subject to availability
- We work closely with all our partners but sometimes the online booking may not be updated on time, for that reason we recommend you to contact us before to book a package online. Our staff will answer within 24hours after your request. We will make sure that the room is available for your dates and hold it for you for the next 24 hours. After confirmation from our part, you will be able to easily book your package online on our BOOK ONLINE page.


- In case you decide to cancel the trip more than 48 hours before the departure, the entire deposit will be refunded.
- In case we don't see sharks...remember that we are talking about wild animals in their natural environment, we see sharks on most of our tours and our professional crew knows where to find them and how to attract them but you have to keep in mind that even with our knowledge and equipment we can't control the marine life and that sometimes sharks can decide not to show up. We don't refund money if we don't see sharks. Remember also that your safety is our main concern and that the guide can decide at any time to stop the interaction according to the sharks' behavior.
- No refund in case of seasickness, our activity takes place in the open ocean, some days the sea conditions are really good, some other days the boat can be pitching while waiting for sharks. We recommend you to take a seasickness pill before the departure if needed.
- In case we have to go back early to the marina for any safety reason. Sometimes the sea conditions are unpredictable and can change really fast even if the forecast said that it was ok earlier. If the conditions don't allow a safe tour anymore, the crew of the Baja Shark Experience can decide to stop the activity at any time.


- All packages reservations must be canceled 72 hours prior to arrival date in order to avoid penalty charge from the hotel.
- No refund in case you decide to cancel a package less than 48 hours prior your arrival (based on the pickup time at the airport).

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