Diving Cabo San Lucas

Imagine sea lions, reef sharks, mobula rays, groupers, and hundreds of tropical fish surrounding a shipwreck only 5 minutes away from the marina. Welcome to the second underwater national park of Mexico after Cozumel, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

California Sea Lion
gordo banks bottlenose dolphin

Diving in Gordo Banks

Enjoy two adventure dives in Gordo Banks and see hammerhead sharks and other pelagic marine life. The first dive is inside Gordo Banks which is located 8 miles offshore San Jose del Cabo while the second dive is outside the banks, 10 miles offshore. The outside bank is an underwater seamount with a top at 180 ft. Here we usually drift in the blue and expect any kind of big marine life encounters. Scalloped hammerheads, silky sharks, manta rays or even humpback whales during the season have been seen there.

gordo banks bottlenose dolphin

Diving Cabo Pulmo

The National park of Cabo Pulmo is located 80 miles away from Cabo San Lucas. The park is a must-see and on a bucket list of many divers. The area is often referred as the most successful marine reserve in the world, the national park is filled with big specimens like bull sharks, giant groupers, rays and the world famous jackfish school. The shallow water inside of the bay is an ideal place for photographers and demanding divers.

cabo pulmo bull sharks
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