Enjoy World Beneath The Waves In Cabo

Imagine sea lions gliding in the water and doing somersaults to impress their onlookers. Sea lions have often been referred to as the “Angels of the Sea” because of the extraordinary way that they swim. Another visual treat is the chance to see a school of Mobula rays, also called Devil Rays. These beautiful creatures can wow divers with their astounding marine acrobatic show. You may also come across groupers and hundreds of tropical fish surrounding a shipwreck only 5 minutes away from the marina.

Welcome to the second underwater national park of Mexico after Cozumel, where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. Our 10 different local dive sites provide an incredible kaleidoscope of marine life and usually good conditions for all levels. Due to the dramatic geological formation of the peninsula, Cabo San Lucas has one of the world's deepest bays (+500 ft). Get ready to dive along an impressive wall and face unexpected visitors without long hours navigating!

Olive Ridley

$150 (Certified Diver)
$180 (Discover Scuba)


- Open every day
- Morning tour: 8 am - 12 pm
- Afternoon tour: 1 pm - 5 pm


- 2 dives
- Diving equipment (BCD, reg, wetsuit, mask, fins, tanks and weight)
- Drinks


- Dive site depending on the weather condition

* Note: Tax not included

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