Marlins Expedition in Bahia Magdalena

The Mexican Sardine Run

Tours Overview

Did you know that the sardine run is considered one of the biggest and most exciting natural events in the North Pacific?

Every year from mid-October to the end of November, sardines and mackerel migrate along the coast of Baja California and gather in large numbers, attracting all kinds of ocean predators such as tunas, marlins, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, whales, and even orcas.

Tours Details

Every year from mid-October to the end of November.

List of the trips available in 2024:

  • November 9 to 13: 4 spots available
  • November 16 to 20: 4 spots available
  • November 23 to 28: 4 spots available
  • November 30 to December 4 : 4 spots available

Secure your booking by depositing $700

DAY 1 : Pick up at your chosen hotel in Cabo San Lucas. Transfer to San Carlos. Hotel included in Puerto San Carlos.

DAY 2 - DAY 4 : FULL DAY Ocean Safari. Hotel included in Puerto San Carlos.

DAY 5 :  Transfer from Puerto San Carlos to Cabo San Lucas (after breakfast). Hotel NOT included. Drop off at your chosen hotel.

You have to arrive in Cabo San Lucas at least the day before the expedition starts. Please make personal arrangements for the day before departure and on day 5.

We recommend booking the same hotel for these 2 nights. Feel free to contact us if you need any help booking a hotel in Cabo.

Our expeditions are ideal for the following people:

  • Have previous snorkeling or freediving experience
  • Feel perfectly comfortable swimming in the open ocean with marine life around
  • In good physical condition
  • Adventure seekers
  • Wildlife photographers

* We go out very far offshore and conditions can be quite rough. We also spend a very long day on the boat (approx 8 hours at sea every day). If you’re up for a challenging and exhilarating experience that you’ll never forget then this expedition is perfect for you.

  • Round-trip transportation from chosen hotel in Los Cabos
  • 5 days total, 3 full days of Ocean Safari (approx 8 hours)
  • 4 nights in Puerto San Carlos, hotel 2**
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Water & soft drinks
  • Photos and videos
  • Weights & belts on the boat
  • 20% of the total cost of the trip goes to Puerto San Carlos fishing community to preserve the local ecosystem
  • Flight to Los Cabos International Airport
  • Hotel in Cabo the day before departure & Day 5
  • Dinners (local restaurant in Puerto San Carlos)
  • Personal Travel Insurance (Strongly recommended)
  • Tax 16% (Mexican sales tax) and processing fees

Wildlife Expeditions In Bahia Magdalena

There seems to be nothing special about a single sardine but when sardines congregate into epic biomass, it becomes a totally fascinating wonder! The biggest aggregation takes place a couple miles off Bahía Magdalena for a very short period.

This is clearly the Mexican version of the famous South African Sardine Run! We can take you snorkeling (no scuba diving) to witness this incredible gathering of sardines swimming in harmony.

Striped Marlin Baja California

Nature Lovers Paradise

Nature has a wonderful way of relaxing the senses and making you feel more alive. There’s nothing like the sight of vibrant waters to rejuvenate your spirit and ignite your adventurous side. Just like the waters of Baja California which is home to amazing marine creatures.

Our conservation-oriented expeditions will provide a unique opportunity to observe the natural hunting behaviors of some of the most impressive ocean predators. Our team of experts will take you to the heart of the action for a wild ride you will never forget! Our Ocean Safaris offer the perfect opportunity for wildlife photographers, nature lovers, adventure seekers, and professional film crew to immerse themselves in a wild and well-preserved environment.

Whale underwater in Mexico

Adventure & Conservation

Our history with the sardine run in Bahía Magdalena started back in 2015 when we decided to visit this incredible and untouched paradise for the first time. It’s one of the wildest and most biologically diverse places that we’ve had the privilege to visit until today. What we discovered was beyond all expectations. It’s nature at its best! Sadly, we were not the only ones there. The bountiful life concentrated at the same place also attracts sport fishermen from around the world in search of “the big fish”.

To preserve this jewel of the North Pacific and develop ecotourism instead of sport fishing, we decided to team up with a local fishermen family that strives to preserve their healthy environment by preventing overfishing in the area. Today this family is at the heart of our activity and helps us with absolutely everything.

They provide us with safe and reliable speed boats that we use for our expeditions, captains with years of experience in the area, and food onboard. But most of all, they will share with you the unconditional love they have for this place that they call home. 20% of the total cost of this once in a lifetime experience goes directly to them to keep alive their tireless efforts to preserve this paradise for future generations.

Watch our recent videos

What To Expect

Clean and comfortable accommodations

We offer very clean accommodations during this trip but nothing fancy. Since we’re going to a remote location, there are NO 5-star resorts and NO posh restaurants. Our main focus is to provide you with a mindblowing encounter with unique marine life.

Bountiful marine life

Marine life encounter is the heart and soul of our trip. Get a chance to see striped marlins (main target), sardine bait balls, mahi-mahi, common and bottlenose dolphins, and sea lions. There’s also a possibility to encounter whales, Orcas, sharks, and other pelagic species.

Unforgettable adventure

This trip gives you the opportunity to feel closer to nature, meet friendly local fishermen, and share a deep love for marine life. This trip is truly, and in all possible aspects, a once in a lifetime experience.


Boat & Safety

The boats that we use during our expeditions are the typical Mexican super panga. They are open boats equipped with full shade coverage, bench with cushions, and outboard engines. The boats are safe and reliable plus every engine is serviced every 100 hours by professional technicians.

One of the key points of our expeditions is promoting ecotourism. We involve the local community of Puerto San Carlos by using their boats and part of their equipment in order to help them preserve a healthy environment. They may not be superyachts but the boats we use are reliable and comfortable. Join us and find out why these boats are perfect for the kind of action and adventure that you are looking for!

Equipment Onboard

  • GPS
  • Marine VHF Radio
  • Full Marine First Aid Kit
  • Medical Oxygen Kit
  • Distress Flares
  • Life Jackets

Crew And Guides

  • Professional Naturalist Guides
  • Specialized in Animal Behavior
  • Boat Captain with Up-to-date Boat License

Marine species Bahia Magdalena

Marlin in Bahia Magdalena

Striped Marlins

The striped marlin is probably the most beautiful of all the marlin species. With its brilliant bluish-purple stripes that run along its flanks, the striped marlin is a real stunner. Beautiful and sleek, the striped marlin is among the most acrobatic of the marlin species.

Get to know the Striped Marlins

Sardine bait ball

Sardines & Bait ball

There’s nothing special about a single or even a few sardines but the magic happens when sardines gather in mind-boggling numbers. Imagine a massive ball of sardines floating underwater. It’s a phenomenal sight that many people dream of witnessing.

Witness the Sardines Run

Pod of Orcas in Baja California


Orcas, also known as killer whales are the largest members of the dolphin family. They stand out in the water because of their distinctive black-and-white coloring. These smart marine mammals belong to tightly-knit families.

Learn more about Orcas

Whale baja california

Humpback Whales

The protective bays of Baja California make the perfect environment for breeding and calving humpback whales. These magnificent whales usually begin arriving in the warm and nutrient-rich waters of Mexico around November and stay there until the end of March.

Humpback Whales Behavior

The Best Shark Experience in Cabo

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