Baja Shark Experience Cabo San Lucas

Join us on a trip where you can snorkel or freedive with various shark species. Our professional team will train you on shark biology and behavior so you can safely interact with these amazing creatures.

Shark Diving in Cabo is a One of a Kind Experience

Ready for a close encounter with the ocean's top predator? Then join us for an experience you will never forget. Immerse yourself into the crystal clear waters of the Sea of Cortez and interact with mako sharks, smooth hammerheads, silky sharks and or even blue sharks. The ocean near Cabo San Lucas has the richest biodiversity of marine life for snorkeling and freediving including various species of rare sharks and more. Throughout the year, we offer amazing interactions with these apex predators. The adrenaline rush of swimming with these sharks is welcome to all oceans explorers including first timers and professionals. The life-changing experience does not require a certification, as you will be with trained experts at all times. Are you ready?

Swimming with Sharks

Want to get up close and personal with sharks? Then join us on an adventure in the Sea of Cortez and interact with these magnificent predators outside a cage. That's right, Baja Shark Experience offers cageless shark encounters which are both safe and educational.

Our trained and highly-experienced team will take you to the best spots where these apex predators are consistently sighted. Enjoy superb visibility as you swim and interact with them in the calm blue waters. Depending on the season, you can swim with different species such as makos, hammerheads, silky, and blue sharks. Plus, you get to see rays, whales, orcas, and marlins on lucky days.

Custom Expeditions for PROs or Private Groups

The underwater world never ceases to astound its visitors. Its natural beauty and mesmerizing marine life are truly a visual treat. It’s one thing to see fascinating underwater scenes unfold right before your eyes but it’s also another thing to capture these incredible images. The underwater realm is teeming with activities from sharks patrolling the waters, turtles gliding in the current, to orcas strutting their black and white bodies. It never gets boring!

We can organize tailor-made marine expeditions around Baja California for a professional crew or a private group (researchers, TV film crew, photographers, and others). Our team is used to working with different kinds of productions and various groups of clients. We can cater to a single day trip or multiple-day private expedition and adapt to every budget. Whether it’s a very basic trip that only focuses on marine life to extremely luxurious adventures, we can arrange it for you.

Do you have a special project involving sharks, Mobula rays, marlins, whales or orcas? Just let us know and we can make it happen. Nothing will please us more than to help you achieve a successful project.

Marlins Expeditions

Welcome to the "secret" Mexican Sardine Run. Our marlins expeditions in Bahia Magdalena will ignite the adventure seeker in you. The phenomenal sight of the huge gathering of sardines is one for the books! The sardines form mind blowing bait balls that drive ocean predators to come to the area for a marine feast. Marlin, tuna, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, whales, and even orcas all RSVP to attend this seasonal smorgasbord. This epic marine party takes place from mid-October to the end of November and you’re invited!

Summer Shark Expeditions

The Los Cabos is known as the world’s best shark diving destination and offer a wide array of luxury hotels where Silky sharks, a.k.a. Silkies can be seen almost all year long in our Los Cabos waters, especially from May to January but the best opportunity to see them forming impressive schools (sometimes more than 100 sharks at the same time) is from June to August. This is also a period when love is in the water because it’s the annual honeymoon of Silkies. During this mating season, we’ll take you and your buddies to the best spot for a maximum chance of encounters. You’re in for a treat because we’ll go to a different and exciting location (not the usual area featured in our daily shark trips off Cabo). Conditions are usually very good at this time of the year. The water is warm and crystal clear which makes it perfect for snorkeling and freediving. Join our private and exclusive expeditions good for groups of 4 people. Stay in a private and luxurious villa with an exclusive chef and relish in 3 full days of activities. For your convenience, we’ll take care of the local transportation as well. This expedition will give you the excitement you long for and the pampering you deserve.

Scuba Diving in Cabo

Join our passionate team to explore the wonderful world under the Sea of Cortez! Get ready to immerse yourself in one of the world's most biologically productive seas which is home to more than 900 species of fish and invertebrates. From the smallest organisms to majestic whale sharks, you will enjoy a colorful and abundant marine life during your dives with us.

Whether you want to dive in Cabo San Lucas, Gordo Banks, or Cabo Pulmo, we have scuba packages that match your needs.

Freediving Courses in Cabo

Imagine yourself exploring the wonders of the ocean with a single breath. No heavy equipment, no noise, no bubbles - just the perfect harmony with the underwater world. Our freediving courses will provide you with a sensation of freedom that you have never experienced before. Training available in English, Spanish, and French and comes with an AIDA international certification.

Their experienced Spanish and English guides made it a fun and interesting experience when we swam with sharks in the sea. Big thumbs up for this business.

  • 18813644_10155696316001756_1562154218791389298_n

    Seba Alejandro Lopez Georgudis

Everything was amazing, we swam with a baby mako and a group of orcas!!! Nice crew and group!

  • 31317783_10160269628520035_4136363881859645440_n

    Cecilia Mar Ruiz

What an amazing trip!! Super professional knowledgeable staff and comfortable boat. Evans and his crew were amazing!! We saw Mako and Silky sharks. Cant wait to be back next year again.

  • 25550219_10156456614530400_1416706965339015621_n

    Anders Heegaard

The Best Shark Experience in Cabo

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