The ocean provides many benefits and fulfills a lot of our needs starting with the air we breathe. Did you know that the ocean provides over half of the oxygen that the world needs? It is also responsible for regulating our climate and weather patterns. The bounty of the ocean fuels many businesses around the globe including food, transportation, pharmaceutical, and recreation industry. The ocean is generous in so many ways and fills our hearts with beautiful experiences.  

Baja California Sur is a diving paradise

The waters of Baja California Sur are rich, unique, and biologically diverse. Where else in the world can you encounter mako sharks, blue sharks, dolphins, sea lions, and humpback whales in an expedition and end the day swimming with orcas? The abundant marine life in Baja makes it a diving paradise. The pristine waters surrounding Baja is a welcome invitation for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and marine life enthusiasts. Come and join our Swim with Sharks Cabo San Lucas expedition to explore this aquatic Eden and share intimate moments with some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures.

There is always excitement in the air every time we head to our dive destination. The feeling builds up and becomes stronger when the time comes to enter the water. Plunging in the warm waters have a soothing effect that relaxes the body and the mind. Then your adrenaline pumps through your body when you spot the tell-tale shape of a shark swimming in the same environment.

mako shark in baja california sur
Photo by Evans Baudin

Mako sharks

Mako sharks grace the waters of Baja with their remarkable speed. We fondly think of them as torpedoes with teeth. Just watch them build momentum using their long pointed snouts and remarkable streamlined bodies. With the help of their crescent-shaped tails, they can easily propel themselves through the water. No wonder they are considered one of the fastest fish. We love encountering these speedsters during our expeditions. 

Blue shark in Baja
Photo by Paul Vukovich

Blue sharks

Another great shark that you can encounter during your Swim with Sharks trip is the blue shark. These pelagic sharks are some of the most beautiful sharks that you can lay eyes on in Cabo. They are noted for their iridescent cobalt blue back, bright blue flanks, and a white underside. The color of their skin gives them a great advantage as predators because they can blend well in the open ocean and surprise their prey. With their slim figures and innate elegance, blue sharks are exquisite swimmers. Sadly, the number of blue sharks has dropped significantly due to finning and bycatch. Our Cabo San Lucas shark diving expeditions help raise awareness of the plight of these sharks. 

Humpback whales

The protective bays of Baja creates the perfect breeding and calving environment for humpback whales. We had many encounters with these beautiful giants during their visits to this region but they never fail to astound us with their presence. Being in the same water as these majestic marine creatures is truly a humbling experience. 

Orca family in Baja
Photo by Evans Baudin


Orcas, also known as killer whales, have a beautiful black and white coloring that make them stand out in the underwater world. Seeing them swim gracefully in the same aquatic environment is one of the highlights of our trips. We have so much respect for these smart and powerful marine mammals. Our team often encounter orca families with their young and we admire their strong filial affinity. 

Encounter these incredible creatures and more

These are just some of the mesmerizing creatures that we encounter during our trips. Join our Baja Shark Expeditions to see more incredible marine life. We promote sustainable trips to help strengthen the relationship of people to the ocean. By doing this, we hope to encourage people to love and protect the marine environment. 

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