Have you ever wondered what it feels like to immerse yourself in the water surrounded by a massive school of sharks? We have and it’s an incredible experience! Contrary to the media’s harsh portrayal of sharks, our extensive experience with these apex predators concludes that sharks are curious and intelligent creatures. They can be incredibly gentle and deliberate in their actions. 

Media’s perception about sharks

With the media’s ability to reach more people than ever before, it’s unfair for these beautiful creatures to be judged so negatively. The perception of society is directed towards their potential danger. Although shark attacks are real, they are quite rare compared to other animal attacks on humans. Hollywood portrayals such as “Jaws” led to the sensationalism that sharks are a menace. The impact of this twisted perception by the media resulted in fear. This apprehension brought down public opposition to shark killing and derailed shark conservation efforts. 

Safe shark encounters

We have been swimming with sharks for many years and not once did we come across an aggressive individual. Not a single shark has attempted even a little nibble during our extremely close encounters with them. We treat these powerful predators with kindness and respect. They seem to know that because they reward us with the same treatment. 

During our shark expeditions, we teach our swimmers the significance of paying attention. You should not act like floating debris that a scavenger might want to test out. Important things to remember: (1) stay focused; (2) be deliberate and slow with your movements; and (3) make an effort to always face the closest sharks. These guidelines will help you establish a beautiful rapport and ensure fun and memorable encounters. 

We invite you to join our summer shark diving Cabo San Lucas expeditions which run from May to August. Experience how surreal it is to swim with sharks in their natural environment. 

Sustainable shark encounters

Silky shark in Baja
Photo by Evans Baudin

The oceans of Baja California Sur are a global treasure where beautiful species of sharks thrive. Baja Shark Experience believes that these amazing creatures deserve our care and protection. That’s why we promote sustainable shark diving expeditions which open the eyes of the people to the beauty of marine life. 

Every expedition is special and unforgettable. One of our spectacular encounters was like a dream come true. We spent almost 6 hours with a school of at least 100 sharks. There were silky, dusky, and scalloped hammerheads swimming in harmony in the crystal clear blue water.

Awesome shark congregation

Sharks used to thrive all over the world and silky sharks congregated by the hundreds during their breeding season. Sadly, this kind of mass gathering is not as common anymore due to overfishing and the extreme pressure of commercial fishing.

That’s why the opportunity to swim with so many sharks was a historical moment for us. It also gives us tremendous hope that it’s not too late to take action. We can still save our beloved sharks by working together. These marvelous creatures depend on us to protect the marine ecosystem.

Protect marine life

Keep in mind that extinction is something that cannot be revoked. Let’s not wait for species to become extinct before doing anything. Life is precious and it’s up to us to ensure that marine life thrives so we can experience its priceless beauty. 

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