The underwater world never ceases to astound its visitors. Its natural beauty and mesmerizing marine life are truly a visual treat. It’s one thing to see fascinating underwater scenes unfold right before your eyes but it’s also another thing to capture these incredible images. The underwater realm is teeming with activities from sharks patrolling the waters, turtles gliding in the current, to orcas strutting their black and white bodies. It never gets boring!


We can organize tailor-made marine expeditions around Baja California for a professional crew or a private group (researchers, TV film crew, photographers, and others). Our team is used to working with different kinds of productions and various groups of clients. We can cater to a single day trip or multiple-day private expedition and adapt to every budget. Whether it’s a very basic trip that only focuses on marine life to extremely luxurious adventures, we can arrange it for you.


Do you have a special project involving sharks, Mobula rays, marlins, whales or orcas? Just let us know and we can make it happen. Nothing will please us more than to help you achieve a successful project.



The Best Shark Experience in Cabo

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