Customized Service To Get The Shot You Need

For more than 10 years, Baja Shark Experience has dedicated its efforts to working with sharks and other marine life around the world. Our passion for these iconic animals runs deep and we are committed to providing you with a rewarding and unforgettable underwater experience.

Over the past decade, our team has worked and collaborated with various professional film crews, marine biologists, and scientists. We offer different packages for dive professionals, marine wildlife film productions, research programs, and more.

Depending on your needs and your budget, our team will take you where the action is and make sure you get the shot you need!

What is the difference between our regular expeditions and why choose us?
Our half-day shark diving experience is open to all, from first-timers to experienced ocean explorers. We offer the opportunity to safely interact with various shark species in Los Cabos. The special packages for professionals will allow us to travel larger distances and reach some of the best remote places to observe a wild ecosystem. Our special expeditions will also give you more time in the water with marine life, more flexibility regarding interactions with animals (**depending on your needs and your experience), and the full support of our qualified and experienced team for your film production or research program. Our team will strive to find the encounter you are looking for and will provide all the help you need to make your project a success.

Conservation efforts and collaboration with local communities
Our quest for unique encounters with wildlife will sometimes take us to remote areas of Baja California. Who better than local boat captains or fishing communities with decades of experience to help us find the right place and provide the support needed for successful encounters?

Since the beginning of Baja Shark Experience, our team has always tried to involve the local fishing communities as much as possible in our projects. The most effective way to protect the ocean is to directly involve those who work hard every day on the ocean. By fostering a good relationship with local communities, we can develop more sustainable programs.

During our previous explorations of the peninsula, we have established close ties with various fishermen who are now beginning to change their habits and have become a valuable aid to successful expeditions. By encouraging communities to co-exist with marine life, we can also motivate the people to take a more active role in wildlife conservation.

If your project involves taking us to remote places where the organization can quickly become a nightmare, our team will create the link you need with trusted people who have already collaborated with us.

What We Offer

  • The full support of our qualified and experienced team for your project
  • Private boat for your expedition (different sizes and configuration available)
  • Full day trips (including lunch box, water, soft drinks, and snacks)
  • Pick up Ford F150 4x4
  • Paramotor with a professional pilot (perfect to spot marine life for wildlife documentary)
  • Full electronics, GPS, radar, sonar
  • Satellite phone
  • First Aid Kit
  • Ability to travel throughout Baja California
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