Freediving is not something that you should attempt to learn on your own. It involves practical and physical training to develop proper breathing techniques.

Safety is our top priority that’s why we are committed to teaching you how to free dive safely. Our professional freediving instructors will teach you how to safely and effectively increase your breath-hold underwater.

2-Day Freediving Course

Welcome to a new world! The Aida 2 is the basic beginner course that provides all the information to become a freediver. The course is designed for those with little or no experience with freediving education. As a beginner, you can directly start with the AIDA 2 without the AIDA 1 intro. At the end of the course, you will receive the AIDA 1 or AIDA 2 POOL certification in case some requirements are not completely fulfilled to receive your AIDA 2 certification.


Price: $385


- Theory ( afternoon day 1)
- Pool training and static apnea ( morning day 2)
- Open water session and practice ( afternoon day 2)
- Open water session and practice (morning day 3)

- Pool session, static apnea (afternoon day 3)
- Theory final exam (afternoon day 3)


-  All participants must complete a medical questionnaire
-  Depth is limited to 20 meters during the course - complete a minimum of 2 minutes breath hold
-  Dive to 16 meters depth during the open water session 2


- Freediving equipment
- Theory manual (online PDF)

* Note: Tax not included

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