Freediving has been practiced for centuries and considered one of the oldest forms of diving. In the past, people went freediving to gather food and other resources. In these modern times, freediving has evolved into a fun recreational activity.

How is freediving different from scuba diving? Freediving lets you explore the underwater world without using any breathing apparatus. You rely on your lungs as you hold your breath while you dive until you resurface. Hence, freediving is about discipline and control.

Want to enjoy the life below the surface without bulky equipment getting in your way? If you do, then freediving is perfect for you.

Freediving Introductory Course

Let’s begin your journey! The Aida 1 is the perfect introduction to the freediving world. In case your time is limited or you are not fully convinced yet that freediving is your thing, our introduction will provide you a foretaste of this amazing discipline.

freediving 4

Price: $220


- Introduction theory (morning)
- Pool training and static apnea (morning)
- Open water session (afternoon)


- All participants must complete a medical questionnaire
- Depth is limited to 10 meters during the course
- No minimum time and depth requirement to receive the
AIDA 1 international certification

- If you like it, you can add on the extra 2 days training
to complete the full AIDA 2 course.


- Freediving equipment
- Theory manual (online PDF)

* Note: Tax not included

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